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Greenlife Pharmacare
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 4 reviews
by Julia on Greenlife Pharmacare

Green Life Pharma Care is incredible. There was a sale on another brand’s CBD recently and I am a broke college student so I thought I would try it. It doesn’t work at all and was a complete waste of my money. I am thankful and grateful for the CBD that you sell and how pure it is, and how well it works. I am looking forward to buying another bottle soon.

by Hallie on Greenlife Pharmacare

Green Life Pharma Care is amazing! I feel like I can finally relax again. I was willing to try whatever to get a hold of my anxiety and the Green Life Pharma Care seriously gives me such an overall sense of calm and better well being, not to mention a RESTFUL sleep! Thank you so much!

by Gretchen on Greenlife Pharmacare

I just realized I was running out of Green Life Pharma Care! It has helped me so much with my anxiety and nerves. I had a panic attack the other day at work —really intense, heart POUNDING through my chest—I thought my heart was going to explode! So I rubbed ylang-ylang on my heart and swallowed some Green Life Pharma Care— and I was calm and relaxed within minutes!

by Ashley on Greenlife Pharmacare

I originally purchased Green Life Pharma Care for my husband for his anxiety but I wanted to see how I liked it as well. I noticed a difference within the first few days! I felt so much happier in general, and I noticed that I wasn’t as irritable. I’m still nursing so my hormones are pretty crazy and I was finding that my fuse would get a little short during certain points of my cycle but the Green Life Pharma Care took the edge off. In addition to improving my overall mood, the physical impact is huge too! I’ve been dealing with chronic headaches and neck pain every morning for the last 2 years or so and since beginning taking the oil every morning I’ve actually woken up pain-free more often than not. Thank you so much! I’ve been referring so many people to you because I have seen so much value in your product.